you may be in the right bus but in the wrong seat -
or you may need to get off the bus

If you’ve ever worked on a dysfunctional team, you know it can be a misery. You were so excited to be a part of this team and had great vision for what you could do together, but now discouragement has set in and you’re looking for a way out.

If this is you, we can help! 

Let us help you get more clarity for your career path or vocation by working through the Leading from Your Strengths process.


You may be the leader of this team and when you look behind you, there’s no one following. Your team is tight-lipped, you feel out of the loop, people aren’t showing up for meetings or completing assignments. It’s crumbling all around you.

We can help you with that too! 

You can be a great leader – let us help you discover how, using your unique set of strengths. We’ll teach you how each team member wants to be motivated, how they want to be led and also their ideal work environment.


Hire for success – find the best fit for the job before you even begin interviewing!

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Team building

At our team building summits, we help create tight-knit teams that have each others’ backs and celebrate each others’ successes.

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Leadership development

Make use of the skills you possess to become a great leader of an amazing team.

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Our faith-based approach to group dynamics will resonate with any Christian denomination that seeks to work together to achieve God’s purpose.

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Individual coaching can help us see our world more clearly, and help us navigate life changes successfully.

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