you may be in the right bus but in the wrong seat -
or you may need to get off the bus

Most of us spend almost a third of our lives with our work families, and when it’s good – it can be great. But when it isn’t? Oh boy!

Research shows that more employees leave their jobs not as a result of issues of pay, advancement or workload, but as a result of personality clashes with their managers or team members. When different work styles, approaches to problem solving or communication approaches are seen as problems instead of opportunities, teams fall apart.

It doesn’t have to be that way!

Our team building summits assist in building close-knit teams. Your staff will be equipped to successfully meet the challenges every team must face:

    • Solving problems together
    • Processing information together
    • Managing change together
    • Facing risk together

We will lead your team into a deeper understanding of each other’s unique and valuable strengths, based on the work of Dr. John Trent and Rodney Cox. Each member of your team will receive their own Leading from your strengths sample profile, highlighting their uniqueness in several areas.

You’ll also receive a visual tool mapping your team’s strengths to help you see their natural strengths at a glance. This can help you understand how the team is using their strengths collectively to meet the demands of their current environment. View a sample strengths wheel.

The decisions you make about your differences will determine the future of your organization. Understanding each other’s strengths and choosing acceptance over judgment will empower your organization to go further and accomplish more than you thought possible!

Team building is just one piece of a well-functioning team. We can also help you choose the right members of your team and give your leaders the tools they need to be successful.


Hire for success – find the best fit for the job before you even begin interviewing!

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Leadership development

Make use of the skills you possess to become a great leader of an amazing team.

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Our faith-based approach to group dynamics will resonate with any Christian denomination that seeks to work together to achieve God’s purpose.

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Individual coaching can help us see our world more clearly, and help us navigate life changes successfully.

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Team building sessions

    Half-day $1000 | Full-day $2000

Please note: workshops are charged at a fixed rate regardless of the number of participants.
Leading from your strengths profiles for each participant are an additional $75.