The starting point for many of our services is the profile. We offer a variety of purpose-specific profiles (for individuals, couples, families, teens, teams) that help you to see yourself (and others) in an objective, strength-based way. The profiles are presented in the form of multi-page reports that accurately describe habitual patterns of behaviour, thoughts, emotions, and communication.

Profiles are compiled and presented instantaneously upon completing a simple, 10-minute online questionnaire. Results are delivered immediately by email.

The resulting report is comprehensive, personal and encouraging. While not designed to be 100% accurate, the profile report objectively presents predictable behaviour. It provides sophisticated insights about the individual’s unique strengths.

This was an eye-opening exercise! I didn’t realize I was sidelining members of my team simply because they tackled problems differently. We’re now working together better because we can speak about our strengths as a team in a way that would’ve sounded like bragging before. Thanks Karen!
Fred S.
team leader

How to use your profile

Read and share it with the people around you! Your unique report is a map to understanding what makes you tick and how to bring out the best in you. Within families, comparing each member’s profile uncovers under-utilized strengths and opportunities to function more harmoniously. Within teams, profiles can help boost teamwork and productivity by understanding how to bring out the best in each member.

What your profiles includes

    • Strengths: how you operate best, how you solve problems, process information, manage change and face risk
    • Adaptations: how you modify your behaviours to deal with situations where your strengths aren’t an option – these identify where you expend energy
    • Others’ strengths: understand the strengths of others and how best to communicate and work with them

What your profile does not include

    • Cognitive reasoning
    • Aptitude
    • Motivations
    • Detrimental behaviours

Dig deeper

    • Check out the Family Strengths Chart: a narrative and visual explanation that reveals your family’s collective strengths.
Karen and her brother, Blair