Does your story sound like Karen’s? A marriage of complete opposites, where you both feel frustrated because of the completely different approach you have to communication, problem solving and life?

It’s time to try a different way – to understand and develop a shared language that helps you value each other as strong, contributing partners in your marriage, able to value each other’s unique abilities and strengths, see differences in a positive way and blend them together to create a successful partnership.

Karen’s complete marriage changed, and the same can happen for you – in most cases, there is tremendous hope for a satisfying, fulfilling marriage and our passion is helping others get that. It’s not as hopeless as it may seem right now: there is tremendous hope for your relationship!

Your marriage may just need a shot in the arm!

Karen's story

Hank and Karen Van Riesen

I’m finished! I’ve had enough of this empty, frustrating marriage and I’m outta here!

That was me in 2008. I was on the move. I had purchased my own bedroom suite and was at least moving into my own space before deciding on my ultimate departure plan. I was so frustrated with our lack of communication – especially waiting for hours or days for the answer to what I thought was a simple question.

I love to travel and he seemed such a stick in the mud; never wanting to do anything exciting.

I love new things and he just loves ‘same old, same old.’ I’m optimistic and he’s Eeyore. I can make a decision in a moment and he will ruminate for days. Why bother with this anymore? So much energy expended for so little in return.

Then, by God’s grace, I completed an online behavioural assessment profile, just for fun and it changed everything. For the first time in my life, I felt my behaviour was validated and there was nothing wrong with me. I really started to feel good about myself and literally devoured that 25-page report. I kept saying, “This is me! How did they know that?”

I was so intrigued that I jumped on a plane (because that’s what otters do) and flew to Phoenix to discover more about this amazing tool. Because I was training as a life coach, I wanted to be able to share this with others.

Hank also completed the assessment and we began to read about each other’s strengths and how God had actually put us together to complement each other, not divide us.

Marriage insights coaching sessions

It’s all about results. We promise you will see great improvement in your marriage, using behavioural strengths profiles that will show how each of you behaves in four potential areas of conflict in any relationship:

    • How you solve problems
    • How you accept new people and information
    • How you manage change
    • How you assess risk

Packages include two Leading from your strengths profiles, a $150 value.

how it works

You’ll get 10-times the value of this coaching package if you meet the following criteria:

    • You commit to meeting weekly
    • You complete your action steps
    • You show up (either in person or by phone) ready to invest in the one-hour session.

You will also have access to your marriage coach:

    • One email per week
    • One 15-minute phone call per week

(Ladies – your husband does not need to participate in order for great results in this process.  All he needs to do is complete a 10-minute online Strengths profile.  We can take it from there!)

If you keep your coaching appointments, complete your action steps and are ready to give 100% effort, we can guarantee you will see amazing results in your relationship, or we’ll work with you until you get them!

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Marriage insights coaching package

    4-sessions $649 

Includes two leading from your strengths profiles ($150 value)