If you’re struggling to understand the next step in your personal or professional life, a life coach may be the answer! After a few sessions with a life coach, you’ll see things more clearly and begin to chart a course for the future you desire.

Why coaching?

Coaching is not therapy: it doesn’t focus on the past and your coach is not a counsellor. A coach can help you design and implement the specific, meaningful changes in your life that put you on the path to your goals. Our coaches understand that you have something in your life that you need help improving – your marriage, career, family or other relationships. We aren’t here to fix you – we don’t believe there’s anything wrong with you! We just want to help you achieve your goals, whatever they are.
My session with Karen was life changing. She met me in a place of pain and uncertainty and gently guided me through the closure of a difficult year professionally. She helped me see that the year had purpose when I felt it had been a waste. She enabled me to evaluate my work and to ultimately find value in it. She challenged me to be "hope, peace, and love" to the people I work with. To be God's hand extended. I am excited to be doing this work once again!
Renie V.

Why do I need a coach?

    • Do you want to explore career options?
    • Are you in the midst of a life transition and want more clarity on how to move forward?
    • Do you have relationship challenges at home or at work?
    • Do you want to explore your life purpose?
    • Are you a home school parent needing support and strategies for success?
    • Do you want more confidence?
    • Is your marriage needing a communications boost?
    • Are you having difficulties connecting with your teen?
    • Do you want to create healthy boundaries in your life?
    • Do you want to write a book?
    • Do you have a huge goal that needs project management?
Lots of people turn to coaches to help them navigate difficult personal or professional situations. Watch this video to learn how successful people rely on coaches to make decisions.


At Incredible Living, we work with families to:

  • Help strengthen relationships
  • Work together to learn to identify and honour strengths in others
  • Capture each family member’s unique strengths in a meaningful way and understand how they can work together

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We work with couples to determine their communication styles and the best way to work and live together in harmony.

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parent and teen

We can help parents and teens learn how best to communicate with each other and work together.

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Life coaching: personal development package

4 sessions $600

Includes your Leading from your strengths profile, a $75 value.
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