who's who in the zoo?

Based on Dr. John Trent’s four animal characters of behaviour styles (Lion, Otter, Golden Retriever and Beaver), Incredible Creatures is an interactive adventure that helps families and groups determine their behavioural styles and individual and God-given strengths through stories and games, and learn how to communicate better with each other by practicing cooperation, consideration and respect for each other’s strengths.

Regardless of our differences, we all have personality and behavioural traits of these four animals, in multiple combinations and degrees of each.

Each adventure begins with a short, entertaining story that asks participants to make decisions based on challenges they are presented with.  These decisions demonstrate how each person identifies more strongly with one animal character than the others, helping to formulate individual discovery reports for each participant.

By the end of the session, participants will learn:

    • which animal they identify most strongly with
    • behavioural profiles for members of their family, homeschool or professional, non-profit or camp groups
    • strategies to better communicate with each other
    • advice on how to practice cooperation, consideration and respect for each other’s strengths.

The Incredible Creatures Adventure Kits, related workshops, books and videos are available for family, homeschool, camp and large groups, including professional and non-profit organizations and churches. Optimum age levels are five years to adult.


Lions are natural leaders and often take charge, even if they are not the boss. They are doers, not watchers, make quick decisions and are great problem solvers.

Otters are the most easily recognized because they will approach you in the street or in the classroom and not hesitate to initiate a conversation with you. They are happy, fun-loving children or adults with plenty of friends.

Golden Retrievers love routine – it gives them security They are the caregivers of the world and often are attracted to helping professions.

The Beaver wants to do things right and follow the rules. They love order and organization. Accuracy is very important.

Kits, workshops, books and videos

Discover your personality and behavioural traits through a series of interactive stories, games and adventures and learn how to communicate with respect and consideration for each other. Kits and workshops are suitable for ages 5 to adult.
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