Homeschooling – think again!

Homeschooling – think again!

Considering home schooling? Let’s take a closer look at why this is becoming an attractive alternative.  Are you reacting against something you see in the public school or in private school? Have you had a bad experience with a teacher? Does your decision have a negative or positive root?

Starting from a negative vantage point will only take you so far.  Once the offending situation is removed, you will lose your impetus. Instead, why not list the reasons you want to home school?  It is a huge commitment in time, expense, physical and emotional energy.  You want to be starting from a positive mindset because you are about to run the marathon of your life!

Have your spouse or a friend grade you on the following statements on a scale of 1 to 10; 1 being very little and 10 being very much.

I love being with my children 24/7                                   ___________

I have a great deal of patience with my children             ___________

I am able to live with imperfection                                    ___________

I can stay focused until completion                                  ___________

I am excited about learning                                               ___________

My children think I am fun to be with                               ___________

I am a positive person                                                       ___________

I understand my strengths                                                ___________

I understand my children’s strengths                               ___________

I have my spouse’s support                                               ___________

How did you score?  A score less than 75 may signal a need to re-think your decision. Taking this inventory can be the reality check you need before you embark on such an ambitious undertaking.  You may need to face a situation squarely and have a confrontation you’d much rather avoid.  Perhaps a change of school or classroom may be the answer.  Knowing the driving force behind your decision will help you make a good one.

Here’s a couple of suggestions that may help you make a great decision for your and your family:

    • Consider purchasing Incredible Creatures Interactive Adventure. Your family will discover their God given strengths and begin to understand your family dynamic.
    • Book a life coaching session or two with Karen to consider all the aspects of homeschooling. Knowing the behavioural styles of your family members once you’ve experienced the Incredible Creatures adventure will determine the atmosphere, structure and even the curriculum best suited to your family.

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