I hate you!
You never listen!
You aren’t even trying to understand me!
I’m leaving!

Is your family in turmoil? Are you clashing with your spouse and kids? Has your once-close relationship with your teen gone distant? Do you want to heal dysfunction and rebuild strong family ties?

We bet you do!

At Incredible Living, we know that tension within a family can manifest itself in many ways, and that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution to resolving it. However, understanding the root causes of the tension can go a long way toward resolving it, bringing harmony back into the home.

We work with families to:

    • Strengthen relationships
    • Identify and honour each others’ strengths
    • Develop new ways of working together that rely on strengths in a meaningful way

Start with your strengths

Incredible Living believes that we all have God-given strengths that we can use to help us to navigate difficult situations. Our approach to resolving family tension begins with understanding each individual family member’s strengths by creating a strengths profile. The profiles reveal fundamental character traits each of us possess; mapping a family’s individual responses to daily stressors helps us uncover the places where there are gaps in understanding, sources of friction, and paths to resolution. These profiles can be used to explore different conflict and communication styles that can lead to unhappiness and frustration within marriages and parent/child communication and can open our eyes to other problems within our extended families.

Learn more about how the Incredible Living approach can turn your bickering family into a functional team with the tools below:

marriage insights

Together with your spouse, discover how you approach change and risk, how you prefer to communicate and develop the tools you need to find a new harmony in your marriage.

Learn more

Parent/teen communication

Working with your teens, discover how to unlock hidden strengths to reduce conflict and restore harmony to a family.

Learn more

Life coaching

Sometimes we need individual coaching to see our world more clearly, and to help us navigate life changes successfully.

Learn more


Grandfather and grandson at the lake
Family dinner time
Karen's family
Mother and two sons