Any Christian camp coordinator knows the challenge of finding age-appropriate programming for their young campers – activities that keep kids interested and engaged, while at the same time helping them recognize the priceless imprint God has put upon their lives.

Incredible Living can help support your mission!

Our camp programs help campers learn about the wonderful strengths God has placed within them and how to live them out using scripture as their guide.

Karen came to Moose Lake Gospel Family Camp as the morning session speaker. Each session was profoundly useful for real life and gave practical insights to improve relationships within the family, business, church and all areas of life. Never before have we had a speaker that generated SO much interest and conversation outside of the session. Karen was also very approachable and flexible. She always made sure there was time to answer questions while ensuring our time was productive and on task.
Megan K.
Moose Lake Gospel Family Camp

Camp Group Kit

The Camp Group Kit is designed to help participants discover their God-given strengths and the value this information brings to their relationships using 1 Corinthians 12 as a foundation for validating each person’s unique strengths.Using the four Incredible Creatures animals (Lion, Otter, Golden Retriever and Beaver) that each represent a behavioural style, we tell a short, entertaining story using audience participation. Through the activities, campers will discover they identify more strongly with one character over the others.

Throughout the story, the participants have opportunities to make decisions and collect data, which is used to formulate a report they can take home to share with their families.

The Camp Group Kit contains material for up to 50 campers, cabin devotionals, chapel times and group activities for 5 days and includes a detailed facilitator guide.

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Facilitated camp experiences

We provide experienced camp facilitators to lead and support our activities. We can also train your staff to deliver the curriculum. The facilitator leads campers and adults through activities over the course of a 5-day camp. Camps choosing a facilitator get the benefit of a resource to answer questions about profiles, behavioural styles and a more custom, personalized activity. Book now.
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Camp Adventure Kit – $275   Buy now

Camp Group Adventure (includes Camp Adventure Kit)  $1,275  Buy now

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